Apr 06 2016

Custom Metal Fab for Domaine Roy Winery

By Deven Paolo

Harvest season here in the Willamette Valley is an important and busy time for wineries. That’s why it’s crucial to have the cellar equipped and ready to go before the end of summer. The Solid Form Fabrication team was asked to do some custom metal fab work for Domaine Roy et Fils winery in Dundee, Oregon last summer. We worked on a construction project with them to build new catwalks for their cellar.

After seeing our catwalks for Alexana Winery, Domaine Roy and their contractor Andrew Scott Construction approached us for a bid on their project. We’ve been doing business with Andy Scott since 2008 and he’s always proved to be a great partner to work with. We love being able to communicate directly with the lead on the project and tackle challenges together if they arise.

For the Domaine Roy catwalk project, our engineers first provided full shop drawings with 3D-renderings of the design (see below).

3D Catwalk rendering
Domain Roy Catwalk

We like to provide our clients with multiple views of the project design so they can see exactly what they’re going to get before we build it.  

Domain Roy tanks and catwalk

This 3D-rendering shows how the catwalk fits between the wall and the cellar tanks. It was definitely a tight squeeze, but we made it work!

After these were approved, we started the fabrication process. This medium-sized catwalk project required us to build two runs with two elevations each to go around the tanks in the cellar. This seemed to be a straightforward project until we realized that with new plumbing installed along the walls, we only had inches of wiggle room to install the catwalks. Thankfully, everything still fit and the project was completed as planned.

This project took about two months from the time we took measurements to the completion of the installation and everything was done in time for harvest!

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