Oct 10 2016

Partnering with McMinnville Contractors

By Deven Paolo

From general contractors to specialty contracting companies, we’ve found a mutual benefit to partnering with McMinnville contractors and others around the Willamette Valley. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Washington Roofing Company several times to supply custom-made awnings for many of their jobs. Through this professional relationship, Eric Wolff, owner of Washington Roofing Company, has come to appreciate the quality of the products we produce here at Solid Form.

So when it came time to do a little renovation on a commercial building he bought, Eric knew he could count on us to do the job well. He hired Solid Form Fabrication to construct exterior stairs to the second story as well as a few awnings.

commercial staircase design

Building stairs for a commercial building is a little more complicated than a routine stair job. We have to make sure we are ADA-compliant. Since this staircase lead to the main entrance for the upstairs offices, it had very specific requirements. To meet these codes, we designed the stairs with enclosed risers, grading on the treads, a taller guardrail with an offset handrail and a landing at the bottom of the stairs.The structure and railings for these stairs were made with steel and the treads and landings were composed of aluminum.

custom made stairs

custom metal fabrication

We also fabricated three different awnings to be placed over exterior doors. These were a steel channel frame design with galvanized decking on the roof to allow for a “green roof.” The awnings are attached to the building with tie rods that connect to steel structures behind the wall.

custom awning design

We encountered no complications on this job, so other than the challenge of meeting all the specific ADA codes, the job was completed smoothly and successfully. We love working with contractors in McMinnville and the greater Portland area who are looking for someone to do a metal fab project for a commercial building or otherwise!

If you're a contractor in need of some custom metal fabrication for your project, contact us for an estimate!