May 15 2017

Reaching New Heights at Amity Flats

By Deven Paolo

Over four years ago, Solid Form met Rob Kistler and his wife Barb to install a custom-fabricated railing at their home in Amity. Last fall, they called us back to work on a new project. The owners of a historic two-story brick building at Trade and 5th Street in Amity, Rob and Barb run the newly built vacation rental apartments, Amity Flats. The flats replace what was a Masonic lodge for many years. Originally built by the Masons in 1905, “it is the oldest and one of the largest brick buildings in downtown Amity. The ground floor was initially used as a mercantile or dry goods store.” (Amity Flats website.) Retail space still exists on the first floor below the flats, and The Bramble Tasting Room is one of the space’s tenants.

When Rob and Barb purchased the building in 2013, it was in desperate need of repairs. They began renovations in 2014, and the beautifully remodeled space is now available for guests. During the remodeling process, we were hired to design, fabricate, and install a steel staircase in the space between the existing building and the new addition. We worked with architect Corey Omey from Ernest R. Munch Architecture, who was designing the rest of the renovation’s plans, and Haworth Construction, who poured the stairwell’s concrete treads after our work was done.

For both the new and existing buildings, we had to make a few adjustments to ensure the two floors were level and up to code. We also had to account for seismic joints between the stairwell and two buildings, as some movement may occur. After about two years, we completed the railings and installed the cables. We also fabricated a sign for the street-facing side of the stairwell. At night, the sign illuminates, thanks to Rob installing lights behind the cut-out logo.

After all was said and done, there was just one issue: it rains in Oregona lot.  Water was leaking into the stairwell area, thanks to wind. We returned to fabricate a pan that would collect rainwater and divert it into the gutter system.

Thanks to a successful pan installation, the stairwell is now much drier. Rob even plans to make the most of all the Oregon rain by creating a living roof on top of the pan.

At Solid Form, we won’t stop until the job is done, even when Mother Nature presents unexpected challenges along the way. Whatever your project, we’ll exceed your expectations and return right away when circumstances require new tweaks. Our work isn’t over until it fulfills all your needs. Have something you need custom fabricated? Give us a call!

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