May 03 2016

Winery Tasting Room Design: Custom Metal Fab for Soter Vineyards

By Deven Paolo

Having a beautiful and functional tasting room is an important part of a winery’s success and having a team of talented people to build it is crucial. Solid Form Fabrication was pleased to be a part of Soter Vineyards’ tasting room construction crew.

Back in 2008, Andrew Scott Construction was working with Soter Vineyards and architect Howard Backen on their winery tasting room design. One of the carpenters working with Andy Scott knew that Keath here at Solid Form was the perfect person to work on some custom metal fabrication projects. It started with creating a couple fireplace hoods which led to finishing the fireplace tubes. These tubes needed to be made straight and match the quality of the rest of the tasting room design. Solid Form used Vintage 3 galvanized material to wrap the chimney tubes and create a polished look. This same material was used to wrap the concrete around the fireplaces to provide a more cohesive appearance overall. To top it off, we were asked to design and fabricate caps for the tops of the chimneys (see below).

Next, we worked on the tasting room countertops. Again, keeping the material in mind from earlier projects, the team designed the stainless steel countertops to match. For the backsplash that was part of the counter project, the team textured the stainless steel to resemble the wood panels in the kitchen around it.  

The majority of the work that we did was pre-designed by the contractor or architect who provided clear plans for the job. However, the bathroom sinks had not yet been designed. So, our designers drew up custom stainless steel sinks and the fabrication team made them a reality.

After the tasting room was completed, we were called back for one final project. We needed to build a metal insert for the fireplace to resemble stacks of sticks. To begin, we grabbed a bundle of sticks and placed them in the fireplace in a natural yet visually appealing design. We then measured those sticks and fabricated steel rods at different widths and lengths to resemble the sticks. In order to give the rods a weathered look, we used COR-TEN steel (aka. rusting steel). After spraying a mild acid on them to initiate the rusting process, the rods were finished and put into place, then welded together. The finished product was one solid piece that we placed into the fireplace in the tasting room at Soter Vineyards.

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