Aug 01 2016

Behind Every Glass of Wine is a Wine Filtration System

By Deven Paolo

A while back, we were approached by Corey Morris of Willamette Cross Flow (WCF) to work with him on a new wine filtration system he was creating. This particular system would use previously-made designs of mobile filtration systems and optimize them to be more efficient and and cost-effective.

Our job was to work with Corey to design and then fabricate the project. We cut down the amount of piping from previous designs and utilized common fitting attachments for easy connections to the system. We also had to consider the weight and balance of the system as it rests on wheels to make it mobile. Because of this we had to be careful to avoid a top-heavy design.

This design process was a fun challenge. There were a lot of small details to incorporate into the design. We always needed to consider if there was a simpler solution to produce the most efficient system possible. The filtration system was designed to be easily assembled without tools. This makes for a user-friendly design anyone in the wine industry can put together.

wine filtration system

industrial metal fabrication parts

Once the design was finalized, we started fabricating the pieces. Creating jigs allowed us to exactly replicate the different pieces so everything would fit perfectly when multiple systems were produced. We used stainless steel for all of the fabricated pieces. All of the welds were sanitary welds (also known as purge welding). Because this system filters wine, everything has to be up to health and sanitary codes. The sanitary welds ensure that there are no cracks in the metal connections where bacteria could build up.

willamette cross flow wine filtration

After fabrication was complete, we could assemble the whole system and get it up and running. This particular system is called the WCF Modular Cross Flow and is available for wineries to purchase. Corey and his innovative wine filtration system was even featured in Wine Business Monthly!

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