Jul 04 2016

Copper Tank Modification for Ransom Distillery

By Deven Paolo

Ransom, a winery and distillery located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon wine country, has been the product of owner, Tad Seestedt’s labor for almost twenty years. As his business has grown, so has his facility. But Tad’s appreciation for quality equipment never faded. He’s acquired a few antique hand-hammered copper tanks from around the world to use in his distillery. In order to utilize these tanks accordingly, they needed a few modifications.

Tad asked Solid Form to help with the revision. The copper tank Tad purchased needed a man-door and a couple access points. Tad indicated the specs for the job on the tank and we went to work fabricating the ring and lids according to the dimensions for the holes. He wanted a copper lid to match the tank instead of going with a stock stainless steel lid.

Solid Form Fabrication copper lid

copper tank modification by Solid Form

Not only did he want the lid to match the tank, but he wanted it custom-made with a label because each of the stills in his facility are numbered. We called up our friend Mark Johnson who’s an expert at hand-engraving metal. We gave him the copper lid and the design and he went to work engraving it. His engraving turned out far better than we could have expected!

Hand engraved copper lid

When it came time to install, we used a grinder to carefully cut the antique tank and placed the copper ring inside then welded it in place. The lid, which was about 18 inches in diameter, was then attached to the ring. We did the same for the smaller access points. Because we were working with copper, we only had one chance to weld it and get it right. We had to make sure these pressurized tanks were properly sealed.

Copper tank fabrication

Everything ran smoothly and that custom-made lid looked great on top of the very unique copper tank there in Ransom’s distillery.

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