Apr 12 2016

Designing and Fabricating Custom Furniture for Baker Rock Resources

By Deven Paolo

The design of a company’s office space is important for creating the right atmosphere that supports the culture of the company. This is why we love fabricating custom furniture for our clients! Whether you know exactly what you want or have just a partial idea, we will produce a product that fits just what you need.

Baker Rock Resources, an asphalt and aggregate production business based in northwest Oregon, approached the Solid Form Fabrication team to design and build a custom conference table for their Beaverton headquarters’ conference room.

With no real idea of how they wanted the table to look, they turned to Deven Paolo and his team to design a couple different table models that were creative and fit the culture of the company. The Solid Form team came up with a couple table designs including one modeled after a bridge and a freeway overpass. These were presented to the client as 3D renderings. After choosing the overpass road design, the team worked to finalize the details and quoted the final price to the client.

custom table 3D rendering

custom table design

These renderings show what the completed table will look like with the paved road as the surface of the table. Below are images of the base of the table in our fabrication shop.

custom metal table base

custom table fabrication

Once the design was agreed upon, the Solid Form team went to work fabricating. After about 100 man hours, the base of the table was complete. This custom-made table was designed to incorporate Baker Rock’s expertise as a paving company. Solid Form fabricated the base while Baker Rock paved the surface of table to look like a road. The final product would have a glass covering over the paved road-like table top. Because they requested that their table have an opening in the middle for electrical cords, Luke, one of our engineers, designed a “manhole cover” to be placed over the hole when not needed. Their request was met with a solution that perfectly fit the character and design of their custom fabricated table.  

If you’re interested in our custom furniture design and fabrication services, contact us for an estimate!

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