Mar 20 2017

Fabrications for Fairsing

By Deven Paolo

Fabrications for Fairsing

Located in Yamhill, Oregon, Fairsing Vineyard was established in the summer of 2005. Owners Mary Ann and Mike McNally became Oregon residents shortly thereafter in 2007. After the initial 18 acres were established, they continued to expand the vineyard which is now comprised of 38 acres of Pinot Noir and 2 acres of Chardonnay, all in production. As they continued expansion, tasting room construction began in 2015. When construction was mostly complete, Solid Form was brought in to provide custom metal fabrication for two countertops and a sign inside the tasting room, as well as a sign located on the main road.

Fairsing Custom Sign

For this custom project, we talked to Mary Ann and Mike, who shared their vision and consulted with us on a few different ideas. While putting together designs, we made sure to keep the curved aesthetic of the tasting room consistent, as can be seen in the image below taken during construction. Before drafting plans, we measured the space in order to send over full-scale models. We do this to give our clients the best visual representation of how the finished work will look.

Curved Tasting Room Aesthetic

Last but not least, we designed and fabricated Fairsing’s street sign. After putting together a few designs for Mary Ann and Mike to choose from, we settled on the design that can be seen from the street today. With a curved frame and a rounded edge on the sign itself, the sign emulates the rounded walls and counters in the tasting room. This CorTen steel sign measures around 6 feet wide and 8 feet tall. CorTen is a weathering, corrosion-resistant steel that, if left uncoated, will develop an outer layer patina. This patina protects the steel from additional corrosion. It can be pretreated to begin the rusting process, but Oregon’s weather can usually take care of the rusting needed to create the patina. To finish the sign, we fabricated a few interchangeable hanging pieces that show their hours, in case the tasting room is closed for a private event or the vineyard is closed in general.


Fairsing Custom Metal Fabrications

After more than 140 hours, our work at Fairsing was done. (Until the next project, that is.) We enjoy all of the work we do, but we really enjoy working on projects like this. Seeing the joy and pride on our clients’ faces makes our work all the more rewarding. Do you need some custom metal fabrication work done for your vineyard project? We’re here to help and are happy to offer a free quote.
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