Jun 07 2016

Industrial Metal Fabrication for Mission Foods

By Deven Paolo

As a metal fabricator who often works with industrial clients, our team at Solid Form Fabrication is well equipped to handle all sorts of custom fabrication jobs. In 2012, Mission Foods, located in McMinnville, Oregon, came to us looking for some high quality industrial metal fabrication customized for their particular needs. Projects ranged from building railings and guards around factory equipment, doing repairs on machines and creating custom parts for their machinery.

One job involved fabricating a screen to be placed over a mixing unit. This was a safety mechanism that allowed the workers to pour flour into the mixer without getting too close to the moving parts underneath. The job was a straightforward one that entailed taking measurements of the equipment and designing a screen or grate with adequate spacing for the ingredients to fall through and perform as a safety feature. The fabrication process went smoothly, using stainless steel to form the screen.

Another custom job we completed for Mission Foods entailed fabricating tortilla stackers for one of their machines. The company was adjusting the size of their tortillas and needed to update their machinery to fit the new sizing. We needed to measure their equipment and retrofit the new part into the existing machine. This required precise measurements and very accurate fabrication to ensure a perfect outcome. These parts were also made out of stainless steel.

Because this industry is working with food, our products have to be up to food processing standards and codes. In order to meet these codes, we performed sanitary welds on the inside and outside of all the parts and finally polished them out. In the end, the parts fit perfectly and met the standards for our client.

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