Sep 05 2016

Innovative Design and Fabrication: Customizing Mobile Bottling Trailers

By Deven Paolo

Over the past year, we’ve had the pleasure of working with several mobile bottling companies to customize the design and layout of their bottling trailers. Many micro breweries and small wineries don’t have their own bottling lines, so they hire a mobile bottling company to come in and bottle their product. Often these bottling companies use a trailer or a truck where all their equipment is kept and can easily be transported. However, this is usually a rather small space for a decent amount of equipment. That’s where Solid Form’s expertise in design and fabrication was useful.

One of the companies who hired us was Mobile Bottling Source based out of Seattle, WA. This company specializes in beer bottling and was aiming to optimize their truck with all the proper equipment. We also worked with Noel Arce at Pacific Bottling, who recently started a wine bottling company here in the Willamette Valley. We were helping to set up his bottling trailer (shown in pictures) with all the necessary equipment in the most efficient fashion. For both of these jobs, we designed and fabricated many of the same types of parts including the conveyor channels, foot pads for the equipment and stairs.

solid form mobile bottling trailer

The bottling companies used Prospero Equipment Corporation to acquire the necessary equipment. We then worked closely with the general manager and owner of each company to figure out the specifications for the truck and trailer. After taking measurements and drawing up designs, we found the best solution for the layout of the equipment. With the new truck style for Mobile Bottling Source, we had to customize everything to fit together. In order to fit all the equipment, we designed a lift gate to fold down when the system was in use and fold up for transportation.

solid form metal conveyor belt custom design

Once the general plan was laid out, we started fabricating stainless steel tables and channels for the conveyer system. Stands to support the conveyor also needed to be built. We also included an aluminum sink for the runoff of extra foam during the beer bottling process. Finally, we created the foot pads to bolt down all the equipment to the truck and trailer. We also added detachable and adjustable aluminum stairs that could be retrofitted to the outside of the truck and trailer.

While we have worked on several bottling system fabrication jobs (both beer and wine), the beer bottling truck was one of the more challenging ones. It was up to us to find the most innovative way to position the parts in a very confined space so that everything functioned properly and would travel easily.

custom metal design solid formcustom trailer metal stairs solid form

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