May 17 2016

Metal Fabrication For Meggitt

By Deven Paolo

Partnering with industrial clients for their metal fabrication needs is one of Solid Form’s areas of expertise. An industrial manufacturer needs the proper equipment in their shop to do their jobs and be safe. We custom design and produce a wide variety of equipment needed.

In 2009, Meggitt-Oregon, Inc. discovered the benefit of working with us to get custom metal fabrication done in a variety of areas around the Meggitt shop. With many high-end customers, Meggitt needed to upgrade their shop to be safe and look clean, professional and organized.

One of the projects we did for Meggitt was designing and creating cooling tanks that they could use to cool parts. These tanks incorporated showers on the top and roller tables with a recirculating pump for the parts to be properly cooled. We designed dye coolers to be at a workable standing height. This allows the workers to be more efficient in their processes.

As with any industrial shop, safety is a top priority at Meggitt and it was imperative we designed equipment guards that were both functional and safe.This heat press (below) required a guard along the side. Along with the guard was the addition of the stainless steel diamond finish for the bottom. This eliminated the clutter from around the bottom of the machine and contributed to a more professional and organized environment.

Working with industrial clients like Meggitt has equipped us with the experience to handle a wide range of challenges. We are very accustomed to meeting tight deadlines for industrial clients who need their equipment done in order to continue production. We know that understanding the processes involved with the product we’re creating is important for evaluating the best material and design to use for the given situation.

If you’re interested in our industrial metal fabrication services, contact us for an estimate!
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