Apr 19 2016

Custom Metal Pergola Design for a McMinnville Residence

By Deven Paolo

Over the last couple years, the Solid Form Fabrication team has been working with contractor, Ryan Matson on some custom metal fabrication projects for a McMinnville home. One of the first projects we worked on for this residence was a steel pergola design.

After Ryan approached us with the pergola project, we went out to the home to take site measurements. Ryan provided us with the design that his clients wanted, so we just had to get to work fabricating it. With this pergola, we galvanized it, fabricated on-site and then painted it.

steel pergola poles

In order to install the pergola on the property, we had to bring it to the home in pieces. Because the client didn’t want bolts to be used, we had to do on-site welding to construct the finished product in the client’s backyard. Often, on-site welding is required for large projects like this. Solid Form is fully insured, licensed as a specialty contractor for commercial and residential projects, and certified in welding structural steel. This allows our clients to know they will not only get a quality product but they can feel at ease when we work on projects outside of our shop.

steel pergola installation

finished steel pergola

In the end, Ryan and owners of the home were quite pleased with the custom fabricated pergola. Later on, we were also asked to build a railing, fence and gates for their backyard. These other projects followed a similar process - working with Ryan, fabrication and finally installation. However, on the dog fence and gates we utilized two finishing techniques - galvanizing and powder coat. First, we galvanized the steel on the inside and outside of the tubes. Then we sandblasted everything to create a clean, bare metal surface. Finally, we powder coated the surface to protect the steel from years of weathering outside.

custom metal fab fence

Having a client return to us for multiple projects because they love our work is one of the best compliments we can get! It’s been exciting to see the continued additions to this beautiful McMinnville home.

If you’re interested in our custom metal fabrication services for a residential project, contact us for an estimate!

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