Jun 21 2016

Custom Metal Railing for a Lake Oswego Home

By Deven Paolo

Whether it’s for a home, winery or factory, we design and fabricate custom metal railings for all types of projects. Back in 2011, Portland Stair Company, who we often work with to provide railings for their stairs, referred us to architect, Phil Chek. Phil was working on a home remodel in Lake Oswego, Oregon and wanted us to build the railing for the balcony.

Custom metal railing for a Lake Oswego home.

We started by sketching a few designs of different decorative rod iron style railing. After one design was decided upon, we headed out to the site to get precise measurements of the balcony. It turned out that none of the sections of the railing were the same length. This, along with the slight slope of the balcony, were a couple challenges we needed to account for when designing the spacing of the railing. We also needed to make sure there were no gaps larger than four inches between any two sections of the railing to meet code standards. It took a fair amount of manipulation to create the desired pattern without taking shortcuts or creating an uneven pattern on one side. In order to ensure this, we brought the framework out to the site to double check our measurements and make sure everything would look complete.

Custom metal railing for a Lake Oswego home.

Custom metal railing for a Lake Oswego home.

Once the measurements and design were specified to meet standards and appear visually complete, we took the framework back to the shop and started fabrication. Using powder coated mild steel for the rods, we built out each of the five sections of the railing – welding then powder-coating the steel. After the sections were complete, we brought the railing sections out to the site for installation. We bolted them down and screwed the tops together. In the end, you would have no idea how much intricate work went into creating this custom metal railing. It perfectly fit the style and design of the home.  

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