Nov 28 2016

How We Brought a NW Portland Home into the 21st Century

By Deven Paolo

Partnerships are crucial in the construction industry for a number of reasons. Over the years, we’ve created many with other local businesses. One such business is the Portland Stair Company who we’ve partnered with since 2012 after meeting at the Oregon Remodelers Association. After more than 30 jobs together, we’ve beautified and ensured the safety of many a stairway all over the Portland Metro area. One project we recently completed was a home in NW Portland. In addition to being visually outdated, the staircase was not built to current building codes.

Before and After of the Second Floor Guard Rail Wall

Building codes keep stairways safe and apply to all aspects of the stairs, including height and width of the stairs and handrails, which is where we come in. The spaces between the rails on the old staircase were too wide, creating a potential safety hazard for children. Our solution and the homeowner’s desired look: cable rails with the right amount of space between cables. Cable rails are a popular, aesthetically pleasing trend that we’ve been installing for many years. Made of steel and installed in a steel, powder coated frame, these rails provide a clean and minimalist look. In this home, we updated the handrails and balcony rail while the Portland Stair Company updated the stairs, transforming them from an old, dingy carpet to a beautiful wood to match the floors.

Before and After of the First Floor Rake Rail

Altogether, this job took us about 40 hours over the span of a few weeks. With some of the work being done on location and some done beforehand at our facility, we’re able to fabricate cable rails with a fairly quick turnaround. Having done such a large number of cable rail jobs has certainly helped to increase our speed and efficiency.

One of our fabricators at work.

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