Aug 29 2016

Keeping McMinnville Homes Safe, One Custom Metal Railing At a Time

By Deven Paolo

While we often do custom metal railings for wineries, we also fabricate metal rails for residential projects. Ryan Mattson, a local contractor here in the Willamette Valley, regularly comes to us with custom fabrication jobs. Working with Ryan is easy and efficient as he provides us with drawings and measurements for the particular project we’re working on for him.

Back in 2011, we worked with Ryan to fabricate railings for a patio area at a McMinnville home. He sent us his drawings of the railing design with specific measurements for each section. The railing would be powder coated mild steel in order to providing a long-lasting product that wouldn’t deteriorate over time underneath the surrounding trees. The railing design included spindles spaced evenly apart with a top section where the spindles were doubled. One section of the railing included a large oval design for decoration.

residential metal fabrication

custom metal railing

Fabricating the oval was the most challenging part of the railing design. We hand-formed the curve, rolling the oval to be as precise as possible. In order to make the curves perfectly mirrored on the other side of the oval, we used a jig to mold the the hot steel around, clamping it in place to cool. The rest of the railing fabrication was fairly standard as we fabricated the individual pieces, welded them together then sandblasted and powder coated the steel. The top of the railing got a molded top cap to give the design a little more character.

Mcminnville home

We installed the separate sections of the railing around the patio area of the home, bolting it to the concrete anchors. We trimmed out the bolts along the bottom of the railing with acorn nuts to add some decor to this functional part of the project. When completed, the railing perfectly fit the expectations of Ryan and the homeowner.

custom steel railing

If you’re interested in our custom metal railing design and fabrication services, contact us for an estimate!