Sep 19 2016

Residential Metal Fabrication on the Oregon Coast

By Deven Paolo

In 2014, we started working with Oblius Construction on a large residential project they were building at Falcon Cove on the Oregon Coast. We had several parts to play in the construction of this house, providing custom metal fabrication for structural frames, stairs, supports for the deck and railings throughout the house.

We worked extensively with contractor Dustin DuMoulin and architect Dennis Greenbaum throughout the build process to work through structural challenges. The house was being built on a hillside that was slowly sinking which presented unexpected challenges when building the foundation and supports for the house.

custom design moment frame

Once the plans for the foundation were established, we began by fabricating the moment frames for the windows and doors. These steel I-beams created the structure and support for the large windowed walls along the deck. As the framing process of the house continued, we began the fabrication of additional steel I-beams for the structure and base of the decks. The decks were designed to have a concrete core, so the steel beams were constructed to accommodate this design. When we installed the deck structure we also attached the stanchions for the cable rail to the base beams so that the concrete could be poured later. The cables for the cable rail that would encompass the deck would then be attached after more of the construction was complete to allow large equipment and materials to have access to the house through the deck side.

installing steel moment frames

While more of the house was being constructed, we worked on creating supports for an open interior staircase that would be finished with wooden treads. We also had the task of designing and fabricating hand rails for the stairs and other cable rails for interior landings and exterior balconies. All of the exterior railings were made with marine grade stainless steel to prevent corrosion from the salty sea air.

residential stair railing

exterior patio railing

While this project has spanned a couple years, it's been great working on such an incredibly designed house with many metal fabrication needs.

residential metal fabrication

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