Oct 17 2016

Solid Form Fabrication: The Origin Story

By Deven Paolo

Growing up here in the Willamette Valley, Keath Paolo, co-owner and fabricator at Solid Form, has made many local connections that have boosted his career (and subsequent business) as a metal fabricator.

Let's take a look back at how it all got started. In 2004, brothers Keath and Deven Paolo started talking about going into business together. They set out looking at businesses they could buy. The process was drawn out and didn't cultivate great options, but they didn't give up easily.

metal fabricated kitchen hood

In 2005, Keath was working for G.K. Machine as a fabricator in the custom side of the shop. Some carpenters at Green Gables Design & Restoration at the time were working on an outdoor kitchen project that needed a range hood. They knew Keath and his skills as a metal fabricator and asked if he could make the hood. In his spare time, he worked in a friend's shop to fabricate the stainless steel hood for the outdoor kitchen. Additionally, he fabricated some knife plates for the wooden beam connections and a chimney cap. Not only did Keath enjoy this custom fab job, but Green Gables was also very pleased with his work.

Meanwhile, the search for business options was leaving them empty-handed. So in the fall of 2007, the Paolo brothers decided to build their own metal fabrication business from scratch. Keath served as a full-time fabricator while Deven helped with drafting, shop details and installations. Solid Form started out in a small shop on Booth Bend Rd. in McMinnville, Oregon.

Shortly after Solid Form Fabrication became officially incorporated, the brothers landed their first big job. It was from the very same carpenters who Keath worked for before. Except at this point, they were working with Andrew Scott Construction and needed some metal fabrication done at Soter Vineyards' tasting room.

andrew scott construction

After that first job more kept rolling in the door at Solid Form. While the economy was tough in 2008, the brothers managed to get financing for a water jet machine that set them apart from their fabrication competitors. With the water jet, they can work with specialty metals, do intricate custom sign work and it ultimately led the business to be capable of working on industrial projects. 

Now, more than eight years later, we're working with industrial companies, and contractors on both residential and commercial projects.

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