May 24 2016

Solid Form Fabrication’s First Steel Bridge Project

By Deven Paolo

When you live out in the country in the Willamette Valley on several acres of land with a river passing through it, it only makes sense to build a bridge over the river in order to get from one side of your property to the other. This was the case for some property owners in McMinnville, Oregon who were building their house in 2013. Their contractor, Ryan Mattson, suggested working with Solid Form Fabrication to help with building the bridge.  

We worked with Butler Consulting, Inc., a licensed engineering company, who drew up the plans for the bridge according to regulations. Then, we followed the design of the plans to construct our part of the project - steel I-beams for the bridge support. The team went out to the site to take measurements and got to work in the fabrication shop making the beams with structural steel.

Steel beams for steel bridge.

The most difficult part of this project was unloading the beams from the truck at the site. They transported the beams on a large truck that didn’t have enough room on that particular part of the property to turn around. So the truck had to navigate to the site on the property in reverse. But once the beams were unloaded, the project continued as planned. The beams were bolted together on-site. We spent about sixty man-hours to complete this project.

Truck unloading beams for steal bridge.

Beams installed on steel bridge.

After the beams were installed, Ryan Mattson finished the bridge with wooden panels on the surface for vehicles to drive over. Building bridges isn’t a common job for us, but we managed it without a problem. The finished product was a success!

Finished steel bridge.

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