Jul 18 2016

The Secret to a Fung Shui Staircase

By Deven Paolo

What do you do when you’re remodeling your home and need your stairs to comply with the principles of feng shui? Call Solid Form Fabrication! This is exactly what contractors Olsen and Jones did when their client indicated she wanted an open steel stairway.

The job was a two level steel and wood stairway that had to fit into an existing space, meet code requirements and meet the homeowner’s feng shui wishes. We had our work cut out for us. It took five design revisions before we had the go-ahead to start fabricating. The openness of the design the homeowner wanted made it challenging to meet the codes. The stairs had to be designed in a way that a four inch sphere cannot fit between two stairs and a six inch sphere cannot fit through a space on the side of the stair where the cable rail began (see 3-D renderings).

3-D Renderings of Steel Staircase
3-D Renderings of Steel Staircase
Solid Form designed the style of the steel treads for each stair as well as the supporting beams for the landing. Since they would be visible when the stairs were finished, the design for these pieces needed to be visually appealing and consistent throughout the staircase.

Steel Staircase in Progress

Steel Staircase in Progress

Once it came time to install, we brought all the individual pieces of the staircase to the residence and performed on-site welding to connect it together. We installed the stringers first which ran up the middle of the staircase and were the supporting beams for all of the individual stairs. Then the steel treads were attached to the stringer. The railing had to attach to the tread supports since the stairway itself was an open design. Attaching cable rail created the feel that the homeowner wanted and helped to meet the safety codes.

This project took roughly six months from initial design to final installation and all the original requirements were met. If you’re interested in our custom steel stair design and fabrication services, contact us for an estimate!

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